Small Urban Garden, Montpellier

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The Brief

The client did not want a contemporary design and instead requested a quirky, random design aesthetic rather than a symmetrical or formal layout. The main feature of note within the existing garden was the beautiful colours in the locally sourced stonewalls which contain grey and reddy-brown hues. The garden wasn’t too over looked considering its urban setting; however a higher block of flats beyond, the impact of which needed to be lessened, dominated the view from within the garden.

My design

This delightful garden demonstrates what can be achieved in a very small space within the heart of any city.

The choice of paving for the patio and stepping stone pathway that leads to it picks up colours within the existing stonewalls. In the paving design we have incorporated a number of different materials all locally sourced. Pea gravel in-fills between the stepping-stones allows thyme and other scrambling herbs to spread, softening the paving and creating a wonderful scent when crushed under foot.

Another important design aspect to tackle was the fact that the boundaries were all different; the original back boundary consists of part neighbouring house, part fence. In order to lessen the impact of this haphazard boundary, we positioned the shed in the back left hand corner and painted it black. We also painted the remaining section of fence in the right hand corner blue and repeated this colour on the left hand boundary trelliswork. This splash of vibrant colour adds excitement to otherwise bland boundaries and helps compliment the yellow and orange flowers within the planting scheme.