Small City Garden, Kingsdown Parade

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The Brief

To create a child friendly garden of traditional aesthetic that is in keeping with the surrounding vernacular. To include a bike & log-storage area. To include the clients existing pots in the design. To include a shaded seating area for family entertaining. To ensure the 3 children had space to play within the garden, and that their large paddling pool could fit. No lawn or loose gravel was to be included in the design. To include a small tree in the scheme, preferably a quince. The planting style was to be soft and romantic to include roses, irises, herbs, box, alliums and fruit espalier trees against the walls.

My design

I draw on the aesthetic of the Arts & Crafts period for inspiration rather than Victorian formality due to the higgledy-piggedly nature of the back view of the houses. Incorporating handmade clay brick paviers and pennant stone to match existing materials in the surrounding walls. Consolidated gravel was used instead of loose gravel to break up the large areas of hard landscaping. The main hexagonal section allows room for the paddling pool whilst grounding the design within the site. Due to the size of the garden and the need for both log and bike storage areas as well as an overhead canopy for shade, I decided to combine all these elements together at the rear of the garden. The sedum room attached to the top of the green oak pergola protects the storage area from rain.