Corporate Roof Terrace, City of London

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The Brief

This corporate roof top commission was based in Paternoster Square in the heart of the City of London. The brief included the need for a flexible interchangeable area that would not compete with the surrounding view of St. Paul’s Cathedral and the square beyond. The client wanted the ability to host two private business lunches simultaneously on the terrace as well as hosting larger functions in the evenings for corporate guests.

My design

The view from the main double doors leading onto the terrace was pivotal to the design solution. An IPE hardwood deck leads the eye to the view of St. Paul’s and is anchored with planting troughs of box hedging. The deck also subtly divides the terrace into two equal halves; removable benches and containers planted with lavender further divide the two dining areas. All elements within the design are bespoke, from the widths of the deck boards, which mirror the design of the tabletops; to the bespoke powder coated containers match the colour of the window frames. The planting scheme was carried out in consultation with Chris Marchant of Orchard Dene nurseries whose expert advice was invaluable. The use of formal box balls and low hedging provides structure to the planting scheme and contrasts beautifully with the loose style of the perimeter containers that are planted with a mix of grasses and perennials.