Historical Restoration, Cornwall

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The Brief

The materials within the design from the integration of fencing, gate, tracks, hard-standing, and other paraphernalia will all be locally sourced where feasible. A consistent range of building material will be used across the entire site which will include: reclaimed local slate and stone work for all paths and edgings; using local hoggin or locally sourced consolidated gravel for all driveways and parking areas. Using local sourced timber for the fabrication of all gates and posts.

The boundary planting and soft landscaping proposed across the site will Improve Biodiversity and Habitat Creation

My design

A mixed meadow grassland is proposed in the Orchard, the front garden perimeter mound for Barn 1 and the West facing boundary of Barn 3 will form a good habitat for insects, small mammals, birds, amphibians and reptiles, providing nesting sites during spring, food during summer and autumn, and shelter during winter. This in turn will encourage key species such as barn owls by providing a food source for them. The proposed orchard and boundary edge palette will consist of a a very good mixture of wild flowers and grasses that will bloom in spring and early summer and provide forage for pollinators, food for small mammals and habitat for invertebrates.