Royal York Crescent, Clifton

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The Brief

The main requirement for the scheme was to create a good-sized entertaining and cooking area in the sunniest area of the garden. As this was a north-facing garden, the seating needed to be in the back third of the garden to get the sunlight.
A small element of storage space was required in the scheme.
They wanted a water feature that would produce an element of sound in the garden.
The scheme didn’t have to include a lawn.
Reasonably low maintenance as clients lived abroad part of the year.

My design

As this was a period property in a Grade 2 listed Georgian crescent, the need to be in keeping with the vernacular of the area was paramount. We used reclaimed pennant stone which is local to the region for the patio and steps. The design fuses tradition with some contemporary elements by way of incorporating large elliptical Verdigris copper planters which were made bespoke for the garden. These have been planted with Sesleria grasses and native iris. The planters give a sense of drama and provide privacy and separation to the space by helping to break the smaller seating area away from the main terrace at the rear. They also provide a low maintenance substitute to a lawn as they don’t need mowing.

The planting adds height to lessen the impact of the tall walls and creates a green oasis of calm in the heart of Clifton village. This was very much working with a canvas of green with differing leaf sizes and textures dotted with seasonal flowering interest as the months roll by.