Design Process

Stage One – Consultation and brief

The design process begins with a free initial one-hour consultation on site where we will have the opportunity to walk around the garden together and discuss your individual aspirations, requirements and budget for your new garden.

Design Survey

Stage Two – Survey

Once commissioned, for smaller and simpler sites, I can carry out a full site survey for you; but larger and more complex sites may require a professional surveyor. I can recommend a local surveyor who is good value for your money.

Design Process

Stage Three – The Design

I will draw up initial design concepts and CAD 3D visuals for discussion. Once you are happy with the final concept we will produce detailed master plans, construction documentation and a written specification to take the project to the next stage.


Stage Four – Construction

I work in conjunction with a highly qualified and skilled local landscaper who will execute the design we have created, thereby providing you with a complete and seamless Design/Build process. I think they are the best garden landscapers in the West offering good value for money and customer care. However, if you would prefer for your project to go out to tender then we would be happy to arrange this for you. There is no obligation to go with our recommended contractor, although it does ensure peace of mind.


Stage Five – Planting

Whether your garden has been created by us or not, we can provide carefully designed planting schemes for your garden no matter what the aspect or soil conditions.

I source the majority of our plants and trees from local nurseries however; we also source specimen plants and trees from Europe. I can also source and design garden artifacts, furniture, pots and planters to fit your individual requirements.


Stage Six – Aftercare

I work with a number of local RHS qualified, experienced gardeners and tree surgeons who offer garden maintenance and monitoring services to ensure your garden continues to thrive.